I am a maker, believer, design builder, inventor and dreamer that jumps from where the sidewalk ends. My life in art, design and music inspire my pursuit to understand the different meanings of life, culture and purpose to serve others.

The common thread detailed through my work binds my desire for human connection with creative question asking, creative problem solving and creative problem making.


Working across retail design, pop up activations, environments, festival structures, furniture, objects and sculpture, I draw ideas from a professional practice that spans all disciplines, cultures and methods. 


Formally trained in Architecture and informally executed in adventure, I have lived the past 20 years working across several cultures and creative disciplines including architecture, furniture, product design, art installations, music festival structures, music, visual merchandising, design strategy, branding, prototype and product manufacturing, project management and teaching design at the undergraduate studio levels.

My desire to creatively think with people matches my skills to lead and to build for people. For me, art, design and education represents a means to a beginning; one that explores new questions to meaningfully grow small ideas into big results.

I think. I observe. I listen. I feel. I question. I design. I make.

Let's make believe.

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